Who Has Been Unfaithful?

I don’t think your goal today was to make sure you hurt someone with your snide words our have a lack of commitment in completing something that you started.

Few of us will be left unmarred by life’s failure of being defamed or even a loss of someone close to you. It really hurts!

Will you choose to trust  in the middle of it all? Even though you don’t know why this would happen to you that it is making you stronger. The choice is yours to have that hurt help you or whine and complain and learn nothing from it. Do you want to hurt just to hurt or do you want to hurt and help someone who may be going through something similar?

I know going through some difficult times, I have said “Why, does this have to happen to me?” “I hate it, leave me alone, let me not have to go through this?”  Life involves change.  That includes loss and opportunities to gain in knowing yourself better and allowing for God to show up and give you insight that you are strong and you can make it.

My husband deals with Type 1 Diabetes in a way that is remarkable!  Most people, ignore the disease in their body or live by whining why they can’t eat the things they love and so on.

He manages so well  his blood test every day, exercises and eats pretty good. With all the complications that happens with up and down blood sugars, the insulin port needing to be maintained every few days in can consume his world.

Does he ask the question, “Why me?” it’s more of an inquiry than a whine.  He looks to be as healthy as he can be, he lives life fully with a great attitude.  He uses his sufferings with this disease as a voice to speak to others that can be encouraged during this similar health situations.

My goal is to know him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of his sufferings. Philippians 3:10

Enjoy, Lisa

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