Who Are You?

From being a child that takes charge or the mother/father that walks ahead of family.  We all will take lead in some part of our lives when we associate with others.

I wish that people that are leaders (we all are at some point) would be an example in allowing themselves to learn in instructing others at how to lead the best way.  We all learn and lead differently and most want to be the best student and role model.

Leading doesn’t mean you are in control but the desire to change and renew those you are responsible for to not self-sabotage who they are but teach them to learn new habits with respect.

We can become very self-sufficient on our own maybe even self-absorbed to the point we are no good to anyone around us and find that we have no accountability and facing our own self-sabotage.

Learn to be a good student by living in the truth of what God has given you to live out.  Love the freedom that comes by instructing others into their assignments.  Tell someone and agree with the truth that every place we allow the love to go into, we will allow satisfaction and worth to be our reward.

It takes patience at first and knowledge of who you are with.  Here is a simple outlook on a situation that happened not too long ago.  I have a great supervisor that I have had learned so many great teaching skills from.  She never has made me feel degraded or lowly working with her. She instructs me by allowing me to understand what my role is in a project and then comes to me when I ask for assistance.  She brings clarity to her objectives.  I have also found that when I have done a certain project that she may question on how I did it, she listens to why I did it that way and if it needs to be done differently she shows me the way it can be done better.  How refreshing to know, it lets me be free to do my best and instructed on how to strengthen my skills on the job.

Your motivation should be to complete the project and the rest is finding out the details of how and when to see the project through.

Enjoy, Lisa

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