Where Do I Find My Mojo?

Ok, I know many of us have heard this Mojo word at some point.  I thought it meant energy, interest, motivation. “I just don’t have any Mojo, it’s gone!” Well, I may still use the word for these things.  I did look it up before I started writing this blog and it actually mean in the modern English: a magic charm, talisman or spell.

Well, I am not a believer in using magic charm or any of the other descriptions to be used in my motivation to follow my dreams and purpose in life.

It is very sneaky how our negative thoughts and situations that we encounter can really drain us and cause us to lose our motivation and interests.  Knowing alone will never be enough to keep us protected from this.  We need to guard our minds.  Is there good news to all of this?  We have someone who knows us fully and is the ultimate solution to guard our minds.

“How do you do this”? You may ask.  It is training yourself to allow victory through letting go of your resistance in be willful with wrong thinking.

Don’t become hopeless or gloomy if you are someone that is easily distracted and lose control of your thoughts.  We all have been there!  Just keep telling God how much you want Him to change your heart and mind.  Try not to become low in energy in managing your thoughts and making them more desirable and honorable.  This is a discipline that God loves to honor.

Watch yourselves so that you don’t lose what we have worked for but you may receive a full reward.

2 John 8

Enjoy!  Lisa

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