When Was Your Last CPR Course?

We can go a long time thinking we have our act together.  Living successfully but not conquering much in our lives.  Giving our heart a jump start is what we need to do to believe that we can thrive.

If you are successful it means that you are able to maintain your life’s challenges rather well.  To conquer means that you can live as someone who has risen above after defeating the overwhelming problems.  It takes a strong heart to beat the challenges that can hold you back.

As much as I wish we didn’t have to involve failure in our lives, I hope that after the defeat there is success and ultimately the time to conquer and move on to more of life’s successes and living after you have conquered.

There is life after failure and more effective ways of working hard.  A full life will only come when we give ourselves fully to our core values and beliefs and let God fill your dreams that He has for you to conquer.

Use these tools in your next course of CPR:

A. Get your blood moving by exercising, it clears your head and gets the endorphins charged (it gives you a positive feeling in your body).

B.  Breath! Most people forget to breathe deeply and consistently. (breathing achieves a relaxed and clear state of mind).

C.  Write out the pro’s and con’s of your situation and focus on what is in your power to do with values, knowledge, experience and trust the bigger picture to the plans that God has for you.

Enjoy!  Lisa

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