What Makes Success?

To have living proof of success of truth is to have seen it, heard it and then, what you say about it.

I remember a story about knowing what a real U.S. dollar bill was.  It wasn’t knowing all the fraudulent, funny money looked like or felt like.  It was knowing the real dollar, knowing every detail, smell, feel and look of it.  So when you came across a counterfeit you already are aware of its’ deceit.

If you soak up the trust of knowledge of seeing, saying and doing and believing it.  Whether or not you are even aware of the effectiveness of your belief.  I promise you that someone has seen authentic truth in you.

Ask yourself this question.  Do you have the desire to be the best you?  It will cost you when you are ready by preparation and it will demand your attention.

Some days you want to forget about being the better you and then some days you act like nothing will stop you from saying I can do this!  Open your heart to move you and submit everything to God the true meaning of success in all that you accomplish that is good.  Wake up each day, full of all the days’ hopes and challenges.

Whatever your answer is today of what success looks like to you I don’t think it’s an easy one to answer. What do you have to give to reach out for success in your life?  God will be faithful to satisfy your needs.

And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

Enjoy, Lisa

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