What Is Doubt Doing To You?

Believe it or not we all struggle with doubt in our lives.  The ultimate goal is to bring us closer to knowing what is important and powerful to outweigh the doubts that we have in this life.

First, we need a meeting with ourselves to know what we have the power to change or if we are powerless to change the doubt.

Next, you will want to do the necessary changes to the doubts that you can change by knowing what you need to do to get past that way of thinking.

A lot of the times our doubt is justified because we never seen a tangible change to something or someone we knew as being one way in our minds.

Doubting Thomas in the Bible was known to be a follower of Jesus before He died.  He saw many miracles and learned from His teachings of having faith.

When Thomas had heard that Jesus was alive after being raised from the dead.  He needed to see and feel Jesus’s pierced hands, feet and side to make him understand that Jesus was with him and he had no doubt that He was alive.

I have had doubts that needed to be challenged to see if they were true or not.  When I achieve knowing who I am, God will undoubtedly choose for me to pray as a weapon against doubt.  The objective is to keep us connected to Him.

Doubts are battles that we have in our mind.  Once we train our brain to think differently we will have a better plan for our lives.

So, be well equipped and empowered to fight those doubts that come at you.  Continue to have a heart that in all things trust God.

Enjoy, Lisa

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