What Does Transition Look Like?

As I reflect on my own past and how I have experienced the good and bad of this world. Some I have chosen to follow that has caused me to be held down by its force and others, I have been led by love and the freedom that it brings.  These are changes that bring transition.

The purpose of it is to cause a switch of thinking or doing.  But in the middle of it, it’s this feeling of waiting.  The uncomfortable feeling of wondering what the next force of change will look like.

Be honest with yourself, be aware of the things in your life that hold you back from the availability of better things ahead. Agree and apply the time to wait and prepare for the next change for the future.

Imagine you have agreed to all your short-comings and mistakes that you were involved in.  Open your eyes to all of them covering the walls in your mind.  People may have hurt you, you may have felt worthless, you may have the problem of always saying “yes” to everything….

If you know you are having short-comings and making the same mistakes in your life but you can’t identify them, you are going to stay in the waiting mode longer than necessary.  If you have not recognized them, they will continue to hold you down.  Ask God to drop in and help you see and regain your focus to apply a great transition in your future.

Enjoy, Lisa

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