What Are You Here To Experience?

What comes to your mind as experiencing life?  In depth it might be finding true love, to be kind, to have knowledge.  All of these things come through hard times that you walk in every day.

So, you need to continually be motivated to want to experience these things by not necessarily focusing on the hardships but to listen to positive things.  For example: If you are in a grumpy low mood, you will want to listen to uplifting music to help you out of that place of negativity.  Another way in your every day routine is to show love to others in finding love.

Those empty places in your life that slow you down from showing progress, bring those to God and talk with someone in confidence that will help you and encourage you through to satisfy you more than your favorite snack.

I continue to see opportunities every day to share with others how to improve their outlook on their future and really believe and accept that they are all experiencing things that they need to observe and to coach them how to live a fuller more productive life.

You may see many multiple choices to answer your own questions of what you are here to experience. “Is it my upbringing? Is it hurts I have personally had?” But, learn to teach and be taught and receive from those supportive, encouraging people who you surround yourself with each day.

We have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us.  1 John 4:16

Enjoy, Lisa

Respond below if you like to share your experiences that you are here for.


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