What Are You Avoiding ?

Usually we think of avoiding something for the purpose of staying safe.  The physical sign of staying in our status-quo reminds us that we are staying in the zone of our boundaries.  I believe that for most people that this is an honorable way to live.

I’ve spent some time on this question, and I don’t think it’s an easy one to answer. What are you avoiding?  What do you have to give up or avoid to reach out to your goal/dream to bring it closer to reality?  Whatever your answer, know if you pour out your life to satisfy the need for change and going past avoiding things that distract you, you will be focusing on getting your needs satisfied.

Our motivations for reaching out of our safety usually means other areas will consume it and some will not be helpful.  Be wise with what you replace things with in your desire to reach your goal/dream.  Ask yourself the question.  Am I reaching out of my need, or out of the overflow of my own relationship with God?

Recently, I was talking with a couple that has big dreams of being debt-free.  They have avoided spending beyond their means to achieve this goal.  With little steps they are navigating their plan. Not too long ago, they came along an opportunity to spend their money on something bigger than themselves for a plan that was not their own.  They looked at their finances and thought that this would be impossible for them to achieve this with the little money that they had.  They had prayed together about this scary commitment if they should avoid it or go with it.  So, they agreed to take the steps to follow through with this and are giving over a three year period that is comparable to a down payment for a house!  They are so happy that they have done this new plan.  They have found their income has increased and they will be able to pay this commitment off earlier than expected.  On paper, their finances including this commitment plan didn’t add up, but they knew that what they needed to do was the necessary thing to reach their dreams and goals.  They still will be looking to buy a house next year!

Do you crave the attention of those around you?  Do they help you feel important?  Or do you reach out because God has given you the desire to fulfill your purpose and your heart that you must find a place that is uncommon to you to move forward?

Trust in God with the dreams that are bigger than you, get out of what you can do to what God can do through you.  He will renew your strength and He is beyond what you can do for yourself.

Enjoy, Lisa

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