What Are You Afraid Of?

At work this past year, we had a fun trivia game that was intended to figure out which staff member matched with what selection subject given.  From bucket lists items to what are you afraid of.  Well, since this blog is about what are you afraid of, I would like to share that the feeling of being restrained with no strength of my own to be released.  That is scary.  I want freedom from what is holding me down to the point of not being able to help myself out the situation to be able to be free from being held down.

Some people I know, being a afraid,  is the feeling of not being in control of the situation and others is the fear of not measuring up and looking inept in front of others.

Who does most of the work in this game of holding all the answers, responsibility and juggling the days emotions, physical challenges and knowledge?  Sounds like someone who will feel very tired, probably taking on too much of the world on themselves.

I want to live in the boundaries that God has my very best purpose and I want to remember to recognize that all the demands I put on myself maybe shared with the One who has me here on this earth for a purpose that is not my own but easier than trying to get through it alone.

So, what am I saying today?  You are being asked now to do the same as I must do each day.  Get rid of all the things that are not necessary in your life, including those you didn’t even know you had.  But don’t be afraid, because you don’t even have to think of yourself as someone great to do what He has for you to do, you just do it.

You may have fallen, cried, been angry and afraid.  But even when you were hurting, you always found a way to keep going.  A strong person never gives up.

Because he was too afraid of his father’s household and the men of the city…he did it at night  Judges 6:27

Enjoy, Lisa

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