Please kindly take a moment to answer this short survey. This survey will assist in knowing your needs and desires so that I may serve you best as your life coach.  It’s only 7 simple questions. The more details you give me the best. Should take you less than 3 minutes to take. 🙂

Your anonymous response will be grouped with other communicated “wants” to establish and gauge the direction of my next approach of style.

Your participation and quick response is appreciated. Thank you for taking the time as I know your time is valuable.  Thank you and have an awesome day!


    1. Are you satisfied with your life? If not, what specific areas are you unhappy with currently?

    2. What do you most often do for problems, decisions and goals for daily liiving?

    3. Are you constantly with anxiety in the areas of problems, decisions and goals for daily living? If yes, why?

    4. What motivates you to get your answers and to fulfill your goals?

    5. Do you like and use online self-help and wellness programs?

    6. Have you ever had a personal life coach?

    7. What would you be willing to invest on a monthly basis to work with a life coach so that you reach your goals?

    Adapted from: Wendie Pett Enterprises