What To Do When You No Longer Feel Useful?

If we live long enough, each of us will feel like we no longer can help or participate and all that we use to do has ended.

What do you do during that time when life seems to have more memories and less days to live?  We are not meant to sit around for the next 2 or 3 decades and just exist.  We must continue to encourage and teach others how to do good things with the practical tools and experiences that we have experienced in life.

You still have a lot of others counting on you to help them through their days.

I have a lady in my life that we keep in contact that longs to hear from me and I with her.  I am hoping not to help her get rid of her problems  or difficult situations but how to work through them with wisdom and encouragement.  I am hoping that as I have poured into this young lady that she is preparing for greater things and that she will also be that person to someone that is needing wisdom and encouragement in her days ahead.

Continue to look for those opportunities around you, there are always opportunities to share your life with someone that is seeing you as someone they would like to gather information that is helpful and beneficial.

They are to teach what is good, so that they may encourage the young women to love their husbands and children.  Titus 2:3-4

Enjoy, Lisa


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