How Do You Crave The Approval Of Others?

No matter how long we will walk on this earth, we still have lows/hard times that we learn to go to someone to rely on that we trust to be secure and comfortable to lean on.  Someone that knows who we are, someone we go to and tell all of our feelings and details, someone that will help us move on to a higher place to let us see what the next steps will be to take.

Once you see the next steps you can look back and notice the steps you have taken during that low time and be able to move on from there.

I have a dear friend that had received some life changing news with her health in the last few months.  Changes that have moved the whole family to a new mindset of: “Mom is sick and we have to pick up the slack”.  As she has been going to many medical appointments seeing experts in the medical field and seeing what options she has, she continues to stay encouraged.  Recently, she was in bed in the midnight hours and just talking with God about her life’s situations that has so many uncertainties and just at peace as she said out loud. “Lord, I accept where I am today.  I don’t know what your plans are if I will be well or not well.  Either way, I am comfortable with whatever it is, it is in your hands.”

So, when you have lost your way, be encouraged.  Some of the first things you should do is to be satisfied with knowing that not all the longings and hidden places you have will be filled by others. If someone takes the time to demonstrate love to you by helping you out or just being there for you, this should be the overflow of what is satisfied by the unfailing love of God.  Yes, feel free to appreciate and enjoy it, but don’t require it for your emotional state.

He will bring you freedom, and freedom from others to having to boost you up all the time.

Now the Lord is the Spirit and where He is, there is freedom.  2  Corinthians 3:17

Hope to hear from you soon.  Enjoy,  Lisa

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