When Do You Feel Left and Forgotten?

I think we all have felt left out and forgotten some time in our life.  From being in a group of middle school students picking out teams and being the last one to be picked for the team or not getting an invite card from someone and everyone else received an invite card.  It is painful in the everyday loss  as we feel the longing to belong and to not miss out on anything.

The painful ache is real and can be experienced throughout your life. Even the busiest person can be stricken with feeling rejected and forgotten. Be aware of this forsaken feeling of being incapable and replace it with the decision that you are wanted; to be able to take and receive the love that God has for you.  Someone that no matter what will never reject you.

You are defined by love and acceptance of God  He, the creator of you, happens to think you are worth loving and keeping.

When you are feeling rejected, unworthy and alone.  Look at making a decision to find who you are in Him.  Go ahead and see how much love that pours all over you to your broken, and hurt heart.  He wants you to take this challenge and restart your mind to know He has you and is for you.  Continue the challenge until your rejected thoughts turn to being accepted.

I will place my residence among you, and I will not reject  you.  Lev 26:11

Enjoy, Lisa

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