Are You Trusting?

Sometimes, you can just get weary fighting for making your dreams a reality, losing your trust in the journey. How do you get the energy to hang in there and keep on fighting for your dreams?

If you want to improve on staying true with strength to face the daily challenges or to regain what has been distressed, keep on reading.  Draw out your plans, talk with someone that has already gone through a similar situation that is successful in the reality of a dream come true.

Hang on to your dreams, work them out as if it is a game to be played.  When you start feeling weary, you are probably taking on too much of the fight on our own.

Live with purpose, you will recognize and let go of all the other things that you were never suppose to carry on your own.  Even your dreams!

You are being asked now to do the same thing to get rid of all the clutter in your life, including those you didn’t even know you had.  Don’t be fearful, but trust in the process, because you don’t even have to think of yourself as a fighter to do it?

Changing your mind-set takes some time and you may even need to talk with someone to get another way of thinking.  Not that the way you are thinking is wrong, but it might be holding you back from moving forward out of the searching for a better and satisfying way of completely loving the challenges and loving your dream to reality.

Those who trust in the Lord will renew their strength.  Isaiah 40:31

Enjoy, Lisa

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