Archive | April, 2016

Are You Trusting?

Sometimes, you can just get weary fighting for making your dreams a reality, losing your trust in the journey. How do you get the energy to hang in there and keep on fighting for your dreams? If you want to improve on staying true with strength to face the daily challenges or to regain what […]

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What Are You Avoiding ?

Usually we think of avoiding something for the purpose of staying safe.  The physical sign of staying in our status-quo reminds us that we are staying in the zone of our boundaries.  I believe that for most people that this is an honorable way to live. I’ve spent some time on this question, and I […]

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What Makes Success?

To have living proof of success of truth is to have seen it, heard it and then, what you say about it. I remember a story about knowing what a real U.S. dollar bill was.  It wasn’t knowing all the fraudulent, funny money looked like or felt like.  It was knowing the real dollar, knowing […]

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