Archive | November, 2015

What Is Doubt Doing To You?

Believe it or not we all struggle with doubt in our lives.  The ultimate goal is to bring us closer to knowing what is important and powerful to outweigh the doubts that we have in this life. First, we need a meeting with ourselves to know what we have the power to change or if […]

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What Is More Powerful?

Do you feel like your life is fading away at times?  Many of us have used limitless amount of energy and determination to have obstacles in our life removed.  At least, we have tried to make them a speed bump to move forward. What is more powerful than praying and being directed by a life […]

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What Are Your “Why’s”?

How can you tell the difference between answers you will never know and the answers that you have to find on your own? Defining the “why’s”, you may find by just researching the internet, asking someone to fill in the blank for your question or searching and not finding the answer at all, it just […]

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