Archive | October, 2015

What Is Your Greatest Life Lesson?

We all learn things differently with how we process life and all that it has to offer us. I found that this world has lots of offenses that have come my way.  I have learn to accept how much they have molded me into being stronger and that God holds my heart together a lot better than […]

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What Will You Enjoy Along The Way?

I am sure you have already been on a journey in life with your relationships, learning and teaching yourself to hear and take challenges along the way that have been proven to have made you stronger and a better person. As you know the journey is not yet done for you and more life’s experiences […]

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What Are You Still Holding In Your Hands?

Can you keep your mind free of all the things you hold in your hands that keep you from experiencing the current of life?  With all the turning and rolling around situations by feeling confident in who you are it seems impossible some days. “When peace like a river…” can you picture this scene?  Some […]

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